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Club / Company Biography

Halbro is a family run business established in 1919 and formed as a result of a conversation between two friends; one a coal merchant (Hallet); and the other a sports retailer (Broughton) who was explaining how difficult it was to obtain quality rugby clothing.

The result was the formation of Halbro Textile Co Ltd in Wigan, a town of coal mining and textile fabrication. Steeped in Rugby history it bred hard men and a feared rugby team.

Hallet and Broughton realised from the start that it was the customers’ absolute confidence in their product that was the name of the game and the Halbro reputation for quality grew as quickly and soundly as the company itself.

In 1924, Broughton left the company allowing Hallet to continue until he passed away in the 1950s. Eventually Halbro was bought by the Moores family in 1961 who integrated a forward thinking production team to constantly expand on quality and design, keeping the company’s position as a market leader in performance sportswear up to present times.