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Chosen Hill Former Pupils

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The Club The Club was formed in around 1970 by a group of ex-pupils from Chosen Hill School in Churchdown Gloucestershire. These like-minded lads got together primarily to play rugby, have fun and socialise (all of which they did with passion, enthusiasm and a good measure of success). Teams at this time played at the school and drank far too much at the local community centre “The Asso”. As time went by a number of these lads had a dream – they dreamed of a Club of their own with the best players, the best beer, the best facilities, the best company in the county. These particular people put their faith in each other and risked many things to help to establish the Club, they sacrificed their time to plan and gain approval for the project and many of them actually built the place in their spare time.

Some 39 years and many thousands of gallons of beer later the Club owes a great debt of thanks to these people as they achieved all of the original aims.

The Club sits between Gloucester and Cheltenham at the base of Chosen Hill in Churchdown near to the M5 motorway. Conveniently located on the outskirts of the village the Club offers competitive rugby for people at all levels of all ability (from rising stars to burnt out Vets), we currently run 3 sides. The first team competes in Tribute Western Counties North and our second and third teams plays in the Gloucestershire Reserve Leagues.

The club also has a thriving Junior Section run by a band of dedicated parents and RFU qualified and CRB checked coaches.

We aim to provide a Club that promotes success, fun and friendship in a safe and welcoming family environment. This best in class approach enables us to provide facilities that are truly second to none in Gloucestershire.

The Chairman and committee provide the business structure that supports this ‘rugby for all’ philosophy. The Club would like to see more people playing rugby and enjoying our hospitality at Chosen Hill FPRFC, so why not come and see us at Brookfield Road.